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Changing your marking and feedback policy? Use Vibbl to help your teachers give faster, evidenced and more meaningful feedback.

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The Future of Feedback

Vibbl enables better, faster and more collaborative feedback …

Amplify Student Learning

Verbal feedback is more engaging for students and is easier to understand. Pair this with a better feedback strategy to help students achieve more.

The EEF found verbal feedback adds an additional 7 months of learning on average.

Use the Speed of Sound to Reduce Workload

Why are you still marking books? You can speak 7x faster than you can write and your students love hearing your voice too. Using our 'Group Feedback' feature you can send evidenced group feedback to groups of your choice or even the whole class.

Echo Feedback for Learning

Easily share feedback with colleagues by linking accounts or blow up scanned work on your whiteboard to use Vibbl for modelling in the classroom. Take collaboration and continuous professional development to the next level by assigning 'Feedback Coaches' to provide constructive feedback on feedback.

How Vibbl works:

Snap Student Work

Securely snap student work to create a digital copy using your mobile phone. Scanned work can be paired with verbal feedback to clearly demonstrate learning goals to your students.

Record Verbal Feedback

Instantly record verbal feedback that gets securely sent to your students via our encrypted platform. Students can listen to your feedback whilst viewing their work on any device, so your feedback is clear, quick and meaningful.

Understand Student Perceptions

Identify fragile learners to enable a more tailored feedback dialogue with your students. Monitor when students are accessing your feedback and set perception assessments to make the feedback process more interactive and less passive for your students.

Reduce Teacher Workload

Reduce teacher workload across your group of schools with faster feedback for students and parents too! Vibbl also includes a Speech-to-Text AI Report writer to write report comments in seconds! 


"Vibbl is a fantastic tool to enable meaningful verbal feedback across a school.

The team have thought carefully about the current evidence around feedback in the product design and Vibbl offers multiple ways for teachers to effectively give feedback to students and for department leaders to understand how feedback is being implemented and received.

I recommend Vibbl to schools all of the time as a quality EdTech solution for feedback."

Headshot of Kate Jones
Kate Jones
Author, Keynote Speaker and Senior Associate for Teaching and Learning at Evidence Based Education
"We have invested in Vibbl across the Sixth Form and are currently working with a team of A-Level teachers and pastoral tutors, to help reduce staff workload from written marking and to increase the quality, personalisation and impact of feedback given to our students.

We also spotted an opportunity for Vibbl to be used as a tool to increase our students’ confidence in speaking and listening skills. We intend to use Vibbl as a platform to explore the potential of flipping the usually-expected feedback direction, whereby students will verbalise responses and feedback to a particular subject-based scenario, to their teachers.

We have been delighted with the support we have received so far and would recommend working with Nihad and his team at Vibbl."

Headshot of Adam Sams
Adam Sams
Head of Sunderland Sixth Form
"We are working with Vibbl across all of the primary schools in our trust to reduce teacher workload for writing school reports.

Vibbl have created an excellent tool that our headteachers and teachers love. It can significantly speed up the process of writing detailed and personalised school reports using a combination of teacher input and AI.

The team have been incredibly responsive to our needs and I would not hesitate in recommending Vibbl."

Katy Hill
Director of Education at Northern Lights Learning Trust

Easy to use, safe and evidence-based

Designed by teachers, for teachers

We know how much work you need to do, we just want to make it quicker and easier
for you.

Fully GDPR

We responsibly handle data and take all necessary steps to ensure that your data is processed fairly.

Shaped by educational research

Designed around ideas in the current literature on how to give good feedback. We are driven to constantly innovate to make feedback as effective as possible.

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Vibbl is being used in primary, secondary, FE, universities and many more settings all over the world.

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